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e.Yo is a multi-mission Drone Helicopter created to lift & transport heavy loads.


e.Yo Copter gives access to previously impossible to reach areas devastated by natural disasters; such as: tsunamis, earthquakes and hurricanes, or  man made hostile zones : chemical spills, radiation, epidemics, conflicts and forest fires – can now be reached safely by e.Yo Copter.


e.Yo Copter can lift, transport and deliver bulky and heavy loads at a minimal cost, without endangering pilot or crew.


e.Yo Copter requires only a small space for the complete mechanism. This makes for easy storage and quick access.

e.Yo Copter Features :

– Less mechanical parts.

– Lower manufacturing costs.

– Lower operational flight costs.

– Lower maintenance costs.

– It is surprisingly light.

– Pilotless and therefore needs less cockpit space and equipment.

– Exceptional payload.

– Amazing ratio MTOW/empty weight.

– e.Yo Copter has no tail boom or tail rotor. This removes a major source of incidents.

– e.Yo Copter means greater safety. Less mechanical parts equals less risk of failure.


e.Yo Copter’s turbo prop concept is patented worldwide. By utilizing the jet engine’s hot gases, that are directly ejected at the tip of two opposing duct pipes, a rotation force is generated. It is this force that rotates the helicopter’s blades.

This original fluid force transmission eliminates the need for gear and transfer boxes, pulley belts and shafts. Thus, eliminating the tail rotor and tail boom.

Yaw can be controlled either by a small tail propellor or by our exclusive, innovative and patented system.


e.Yo Copter is compatible with the latest remote controls and mission management systems.

e.Yo Copter can be piloted from a basic, inexpensive sight control (VLOS) – or from FPV optics to the most sophisticated long distance way points GPS system (BVLOS).


Subject to end-user’s country regulations.